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Islam and Polygamy................
The editorial peeps into the matters of the pious teachings of the religion and the rules which are applicable over the society through it.The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 enforced monogamy over almost ever other sect except Islam.And as the passage seemed to be clear,cases of sham conversion to the religion,for the sake of a second bi-gamous marriage happened.

Take for example,an Indian army physician serving in Afganistan temporarily converts to marry a girl there,and a few years later ,returned to his family in India ,leaving the Afgan girl in lurch.
Everyone of us is able to see the injustice,except the laws who govern us.
All of this makes us think of the true Islamic rules that govern polygamy.
Going back to the 7th century Arab society,when unrestriced polygamy was rampant,Islam subjected the precondition that the man should be capable of treating his co-wives absolutely equally in every respect.Throwing away the first wife without divorce for a new one was not what quran had envisaged.Quran talks "Monogamy would keep you away from doing injustice".
Prophet also added a deterrent warning "A bigamist failing to treat his wives equally will be torn apart on the day of judgement." Sounds like an attempt to gradually route out the practice in talk from the society. Does'nt it??

Talking back to the times now,even the commission governing over marriage,being conscious of the religious sensitivity of the Muslim society in respect of personal law has been acting ignorant.The belief of the circles that despite being the clear distortion and misuse of the personal law is outside the power and function of constitutional organs of the state seems naive.

The Islamic law in India has been dealt with all due respect and best has been done to accomodate with the religious sensitivity of the community,yet the situation remains vague still and it seems no one is willing enough to even think of a solution.

Polygamy simply does'nt sound just 'coz i can't imagine it being a one way affair,in today's scenario.Be the best of the polygamists man,satisfy all your wags but think of the the day you spot your girl with some other, and you yourself 'll not be liking your holy buisness being practiced .
Also if a particular community is allowed to practice it ans others not,the basic law of equality of all the citizens of the state is threatened.

And if the need of change is felt this much about a thing,which is incorrect in all senses,Why NOT CHANGE IT??

History Humour: Lemme tell you the story of one the crowned head kings of all times.Raja Dashrath had the capabilty of driving ten rathas at a time.Mighty to the extent that single handedly defeated the army of "Asuras".
Lemme tell you he landed up quite screwed in his last days,'coz of the idea called"polygamy".
So,if can't do anything,let history teach you.

16th Aug '09


Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Well yeah, the concern seems just. Polygamy is not relevant in today's world at all. On one hand we talk about the gender equality crap and on the other hand the law allows a muslim guy to have more than one wife, but not the other way round.
but then, also think about the massive resistance that the orthodox priests would make if the government tries to reform the law.

I don't see the amendment coming in the next 10 years,I must say.

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