I always wondered ,what it feels to think of a great idea.Well no shortge of the stuff called "idea" in this crappy brain or whatever God filled the top 6 inches of me with(I consantly wonder,whats inside there,that makes me live this kind of crap..). Okey ,so leave me n my wondering there only,but the idea of coming up with a blog with Alok seemed hell of a great idea.

Talking about writing,its sort of involuntary .We feel zero,we write,we feel one we write.That too is sort of a celebrated quality indeed.You see,not many people I know ,realise the importance of scribbling a high or low moment over paper.Blogging provided us a huge amount of world to share our moments with.With Alok's reflectionsalec over blogger and mine the curve of thoughts over tumblr going on,we had our spaces of sharing.And suddenly there comes an idea to start a new blog together..
So,why a new blog??
Have'nt you put up enough of shit out ur head over this holy place called internet??

Well yup,though we had our spaces,lately we realised there's a bit or two about our blogging that need some correction .

Let me just drift away for a moment to make my point.Say these days ,I like a girl ,who on the luckiest days of mine wears purple and passes me a smile or two.And when she does,I try to get away from the crowd,imagine things about her and pen down some real melodramatic stuff.
Do you see my point now??

Dunno if U are seeing it or not ,from my side I can say,I see no way how you can see it.
And that's simply b'coz ,there is no point in all of this.Like my "purple girl" is nobody to everyone else out there, its clearly defined,there are ideas that do matter and there are ideas that don't .

So last time,when me and Alok conversed over phone we discussed about the GD /PI's that we will need to clear for assuring that we are having our management studies at some real good place.(Spoiler Alert :We want to do it at IIM-A and nowhereelse in the world!!!) We discussed the need of talking to the world and in order to do so,we realised we must talk over things that are more related to the world.The need of growing up,the need to get involved in the worldy affairs is pretty obvious now as, its not much time left,when we people will be getting off this simulation thing at our colleges and will be exposed to the real working world. And surely be a narcissist or hell of a self critic,it does'nt really matter ,in order to do the talking you have to have some thought about the things happening around you.

The idea with which we are starting this blog is that ,we will be covering the editorials of the two dailies that we get,with me taking over the "Times of India" and Alok will be dealing with "The Hindu" editorials.Covering the editorials means we will be giving our views what we think of the subject that these dailies are discussing and if not anything else,it will surely provide us topics more relevent to the happening world.

So,I guess I talked enough about the talks that we will be talking here.The pilot ends here with the message to those who read it to feel free to develop an opinion about this webspace and feel free to comment .We give you the right to correctly spell the word "FUCK" when you feel like it.We don't really appreciate if you care to misspell.

Let there be some posts!!

PS. :- And even after talking in this much of a committed tone towards this blog,I promise to respond to the Pablo Naruda ping that you give me purple girl,every time you pass me a smile ,that's how the other blog is gonna continue ;)

15th Aug '09


Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

The Pablo Naruda girl.
hmmm. I think I know her. :)

Anonymous said...

seems like the inspiration of starting this blog
is different than what i thought... ;)

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

And may I know who this anonymous person is?

Pravy said...


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