Joint ventures Inc.

I normally prefer to work alone. Managing a team is a different issue; working side by side with team mates is a different one. Its quite frustrating at times.

Unless you have some really good understanding between the team mates. And thats precisely why I accepted this offer of starting a joint blog with Pranav. This guy is my alter ego. My thoughts progress into his writings and his thoughts influence mine. So this blog is just an electronic representation of the interaction that keeps on happening all the time.

And then, reviewing the newspaper editorials is a win win situation for me. One, I get to rediscover my lost lust of reading newspaper articles. Seriously man, otherwise I dont find enough time to browse through the Hindu, which keeps on piling on my side table all unread. Two, I get a hang of what's happening outside this egg shell called iit. We normally don't discuss the world affairs out here... coz' we already have a lot of local affairs to deal with. ;). And three, I get new topics for blogging. Writing is a following a chain. Once you get the starting then it can go on and on. So, this reviewing editorials things would help me to overcome the dearth of topics worth blogging. (Frankly speaking, I am a little sick of posting routine emotional stuff on my other regular blog.)

Ah, I missed on another benefit. i also get to regularly read the parallel thoughts of Pranav, who I actually think, writes better than me.

Okay. Enough of prologues. Let's get going dude.


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