The ghost of my country’s past ……. (Post-5)

Date: 23-08-09

I had always believed in the existence of these non-existent creatures called ghosts particularly, when some dada or bhaiya used to narrate stories about white saree clad women with long hair sitting on the back seat of their scooters, chuckling frequently and disappearing in air. But, the influence a ghost can have is surely evident in the recent episode of expulsion of Jaswant Singh from BJP. The way a lamp flickers before going off, the party is gasping for air before drowning. It has been almost a week; the editorials are almost flooded with views and reviews concerning the book, the author, his expulsion and his revelation. Now, I guess it’s time the newspapers must also switch over to something new.

After reading all authors and critics…. there’s only one word I would like to say….. farce!!! I feel the thing with which our country is most obsessed with, is “history”. Ask any third person in the country or outside the country, what’s so great about your nation? He would answer, “our glorious past”. We are more interested in digging up the earth than conquer the sky and even if we do so, we never mention until it becomes a part of the golden history.

Why can’t we learn living in the present? Who would ever believe the party, at present, behaving like a captain-less, aim-less, direction-less amidst a sea-storm where the stupid boarders are throwing away fellow passengers instead of bulky, age-old loads of orthodox ideas and beliefs (that too in the most distorted manner); was once the ruling party of the country. Why this craving for connection with past?

What glorious past does America hold? A country won out of a civil war, with poverty and chaos as its primary residents- now, is the ruling nation of the world. So, why cooking up or digging out all these stupid stories about Jinnah, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabbhai Patel? They performed their duties when they had to and now, they are resting in peace. Let them enjoy their peaceful slumber; they are not the horses pulling the current government, neither can they comment in front of media, “We actually never told what the truth was now, we want to do so.”
The whole affair is like a Priyadarshan movie, one confusion leading to another and all the circumstances finally pooled into a complete mess- It’s confusing, and hilarious. Confusion,… is in the air and climax… lets wait and watch.



Tanmoy Hazra said...

nice title 2 a nice post. nw i hv got sumthing 2 think upon b4 i go 2 sleep.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Well yes. Nicely written opinion. It indeed is a shame that we are creating such a chaos over a dead issue.

But then, the event does deserve this chaos. What we are now has got straight connection with what we were in direct past. Jinnah, whether good, or bad, was an important figure in Indian history; and any text that tries to reveal him is bound to create a turmoil.

Indians don't forget their history easily. Jaswant learnt it the hard way.

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