Dividing the multiples.

'To divide is to multiply in northeast.' (The Hindu, august 12, 2009).

Well, logically speaking, dividing something actually creates multiples. That way, you are actually multiplying (increasing) the number of the sub products. So the inherent semantic irony is itself universal, and not local to any particular domain. Never the less, it sounds cool.
But let's not talk maths here. Let's talk north east.

The problem -: Rising number of pro action military outfits in the north east.
Govt's solution -: Banning the rebel outfits.

The backlash -: Disintegration of one outfit into two or more smaller groups with slightly
different ideologies, which within no time, become as big and as active as the
parent one.

The effect -: Two rebel outfits in place of one; more militant activities, more headache for the

The writer has rightly pointed that self determination, sovereignty, independence, autonomy, territoriality, language and culture are the buzzwords that animate such militant struggles, and there is no end to them. In my view, Banning a rebel outfit might give an air of legal dominance of the government over the area, but it actually does two things. Instead of logically talking to the militants, or at least raising a strong public opinion against them, it single handedly tries to suppress the people, acting exactly as the militant organizations think it does... the suppressors. And the militants start considering themselves to be anti government revolutionaries.
Two, it makes the outfit more popular and controversial. The same popularity hunger that makes outfits like al kayda to accept the responsibility of some devastating bomb blast.

Solution: Not touched upon in the article. May be generating a strong public opinion against the militant outfits, and showing how the government is working for the public while the militant outfits are destroying the resources can help. But it definitely would need far more ground work and dedicated planning than sheer issuing of a ban notice from the air conditioned government offices.

Aug 12, 2009


Nikhil Kumar said...

Hey Alok! It seems you read The Hindu editorial regularly. But, I think you have missed one, printed not more than 15 days ago, about solution for extremist activities.
It says the main pushing thrust is Government's inability to develop the underpriviliged area. So, people are easily flown away with extremist thoughts that this Government cannot imrpove their status. So, to gain the people faith is the key to solution fo the problem.
Steps suggested: Develop the area strating with basic social & economic infrastructure.
And, during development don't forget to rehabilitate properly or provide proper compensation in case of land acquisition.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Absolutely right, Nikhil. gaining the people's faith is the key to the problem. One very basic glitch is that the militants consider themselves to be revolutionaries. And that's what wins them the local support.

Pravy said...

The very true fact that the feeling of revolt and upsurge develops only when those responsible for doing things,don't do their things properly..

agreed wid nikhil winning ppl's faith will be the ultimate solution

Another related issue ,i wud like to point "Youth management".....if the youth is ready to kill for a cause,it can be surely made to do sth positive ,if properly channelized...

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