Des Rangeela….. ;) (Post 4)

(based on an article in Outlook, August 24 issue)

Date: 23-08-09

India is a land of celebrations. We have a myriad of opportunities for holidays, eating more and shopping without need. If asked to describe the positive side of it, I would say, it gives a number of reasons for a family to meet and celebrate together. While our country is in the process of westernization where the value of family, culture, tradition, etc. is slowly fading away; thanks to the retail and advertising world who is renovating these festivals into the new brand India image. Now, even small family puja like akshayatritiya is incomplete without special discount offers by jewelers and car dealers.

“You have a reason to celebrate, we give you the means to celebrate”- says each and every shopping complex. They celebrate with us coz this is what makes them earn the most. The same Archies shop sells heart shaped pillows for Valentines day, “U r d best teacher” card for teachers day, and cards with rakhi on Raksha Bandhan and what not. The numbers of festivals just don’t reduce; the list is getting populated more and more. The glamour added to the Indian festivals and ceremonies by television and movies has globalized these occasions and the events that were localized earlier can be found in every part of India now.

The nice thing about it is that it has minimized the feel of regionalism. If one sees his neighbours celebrating, how can one stop oneself from rejoicing. Personally, I feel great to celebrate festivals of both Orissa (to where I belong) and Bihar (where I am born and brought up). The negative side to it is that it burns a hole in the pocket ;) After all, we need to look special and feel special on such hundreds or two hundreds of special occasions in a year. ;D



Tanmoy Hazra said...

only bihar n orissa? wat abt ur neighbour bengal? i m vry 'hurted'.

Tanmoy Hazra said...
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Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Yeah right. I too love festivals. First thing first, they gimme the reason to go back to my home and spend time with my family.
Also, during the festival times, my home becomes more of a mela, as the joint family with all the uncles and aunts and kid brothers and sisters celebrate the occasion together.

The festivals indeed are the awesomest part of the Indian calendar... :D

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