The country of "No"

"India is the country of No. That 'no' is your test. You have to get past it. It is India's great wall; it keeps out foreign invaders. Pursuing it energetically and vanquishing it is your challenge."- excerpts from Maximum city - Suketu Mehta.
To pursue the challenge and start living with a little more enthusiasm in a country where every 'no' seems easier than 'yes', it is very essential to analyze everything minutely.
Consider a hypothetical yet a typical day in a grown up person's life residing in any city of India. Early morning he wakes up-alarmed and disgusted, yet another day to start with!!!!Prepares himself to face the world ahead. He puts up a mask on his face which would protect and hide his real true self from the world. He wears a plastic smile-in accordance with the concrete surrounding around him. People will recognize him, socialize with him, if he has some material wealth stuffed in his pocket or bank, try to be good for him. Otherwise they will ignore! ignore him for being too modest in spending, a miser -till the time he is considered a bankrupt, and then left to live on other's benevolence. Rather, even if we avoid such extreme hypothesis, he dresses up elegantly-he knows that he has some shortcomings that cannot be hidden under wraps of power dressing, yet he does that because the confidence fostered due to this is sufficient to keep him alive and rocking! He ties up his shoe laces and has an inner wish to keep all world tied onto it.
For a simple telephone/mobile connection ,he knows he will have to encounter innumerable 'no' before he is actually granted one. Everywhere he is faced with a long queue, whether he goes for a Gas cylinder, milk, grocery, or the water from Kuwait," Petroleum” ! Sometimes, his pocket size doesn't allows him to do things at the first instant, and some other times the wide mouthed giant of price hikes.
Whatever the case may be he goes on putting up that mask, To the whole world he seems to be a perfect gentleman with a nice home-be it built on a high interest bank loan, a high salaried job-be it nominal with loads of debts to pay, nice lifestyle- to support which, he will one day sell himself, and a happy family-who can never remain at peace with their half fulfilled dreams and aspirations.
But the question is what is that ,without having which his life is as incomplete as a flower without a bee to hover upon it. Is it money? No, something like that is out of question since money is so deliquescent in nature that it can never remain static in a single place, it flows and flows on. Then is it ignorance? No, even that can be got rid of by being in constant contact with the outside social world, then what is it?
May be it is the ambition or the ever prosperous desires that were or rather would be never hit by any type of recession. It increases, day after day, moment after moment, it makes the man awe and gasp for the un-achieved! This awed reverence results in creation of further more dreams and aspirations along with unavailability of resources to suffice the needs.
So, here comes the urge, the necessity to wear a mask, to have a deception point, wherein his simple being is underneath layers of social pretentiousness. He needs to show off and flaunt something that he doesn't actually have.
Consequently, a vigor to live originates, although the whole building is built on a null and void base yet, the building starts taking shape, and the person is considered fit to survive in forest of social dogmas. He has successfully created his niche place ,who knows how wide a hiatus has he created between his natural soul and the outward appearance.
Now he can breathe in the free air which replenishes his nostrils every time with fresh air of rights to continue living in a country like ours!



Arpita said...

India.... the country of 'no'... interesting.

No is a very easy word.. though, it is said it is very difficult to say no. I think, its the easiest way to escape the truth. It is the word with most negative impact. but, sometimes we must say no... this will help us to come out of our chalta hai attitude.....

We often wear a mask nd never see the truth, dont even try to find out what we like... we say a big no to our hearts. no has become the ruling principle in our lives.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Interestingly, I actually believe that saying 'no' is very difficult. I always end up doing other people's work just because I cudn't say no at the right time.
Alok... can u please do this for me? Yes... Alok, this thing...yeah sure.... Alok... yeah yeah...

But am changing. May be for the better, or worse...

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