मैं अकेला ही चला था जनीबे मंजिल की तरफ़, लोग आते गए और कारवां बनता गया....

A text message yesterday revealed that we're gonna have two new members in our review contributing team now. The more, the merrier, indeed. (Waitin' for them to join us.)

I have been a great fan of Arpita's poems and short stories. Let's see what this thoughtful girl has to offer, after a year long writing hiatus.
And as for Shivangi, well, hers is one of the very few blogs that I constantly follow. Check her blog out... http://shivi-shivangi.blogspot.com Its quite interesting.

Welcome to this Arbit speculations thingy, girls. The objective, you know. We are reviewing news dailies for sheer fun as well as enhancing our general knowledge. No need to follow strict review writing norms, coz' we don't follow any. No restrictions on using fuckin' unconstitutional words, coz' tht ain't a big deal.

Write what you feel like. It's your blog.



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