Today's Positivity | Some Beautiful Quotes On Gardening

Day #7. So I have been meditating everyday for some days now in the mornings. And each day I look forward to a few positive thoughts while meditating.

I hope to share these experiences with the readers of arbitSpecs. (You can read my earlier experiences here and here).

Today, like everyday, I completed my meditation and opened the eyes slowly to this:


Today's Positivity | The Anxiety Chest

Day#5. So I have been meditating everyday for some days now in the mornings.

Each day after I complete the pranayamas (to find out more about what I do in those 15 mins, click here), I sit for some time in meditation and observe my thoughts, accepting everything that comes along.

I have decided to blog about some of the positive thoughts that come to my mind. This is an experiment to spread some more positivity in and around my life. You're welcome in this experiment. :)

So today while meditating, a thought came which I like to call 'The anxiety chest'.


Confessions Of a Corporate Guy Who Never Meditated

So I have been one of those corporate people who have thought meditation is for broken people. I have thought, "It is a good thing. May be a great thing, but I don't need it. Like I don't need that organic cold pressed fruit juice those crazy people sell to health freaks. May be the juice is great, but I don't need it."

I mostly confused meditation with medication, and like they said  नीम हक़ीम  खतरे जान.

So I mostly stayed clear of people who talked about Dhyan and my idea of getting closer to spirituality at most was listening to good sufi songs by AR Rahman ( and others. More on that in some other post)

But boy, I was wrong!


Poets of Masai Mara

A short business trip to Kenya extended to the lovely African Savannahs of Masai Mara. You can figure the camera was bad. But the experience is undesribable. Poetry and musings may better elaborate the heaven I've been through. I would urge everyone of you reading this to plan a trip to the Masai soon. You'll come back a changed person.

Oh, heaven is a place on Earth.

The Perkin's Tent from Harry Potter
The shaky small ride
The mud runway in the middle of the jungle
Read on :)

How the investigator bias is ruining your life

A late evening dinner with extended family. Someone was fickle minded about having a lasik surgery done because of the risks google suggested. Ofcourse, at the end of the day- it IS a cosmetic surgery. Why take even a 1% risk?
A doctor, happened to be on panel.
Said it's true. But the bias has occupied mind space to an extent of disturbing extrapolition.
Diagnosed that someone with an investigator's bias.

Are you a victim too?

Watch the video below to get in zone first 😛


9 thought trip concepts that I've put up in my room

Okay, so here's some snapshots of the wall in my room
(Like Randy Pausch in the Last Lecture, I've been a big fan of scribbling things on my wall, even until the tender age of 26. And then my mom found out. I had to set up a canvas)

Read some interesting stuff that I've penned down (or pinned up) over the years :)

Thoughts on the Sea

I need the sea because it teaches me,
I don’t know if I learn music or awareness,
if it’s a single wave or its vast existence,
or only its harsh voice or its shining
suggestion of fishes and ships.
The fact is that until I fall asleep,
in some magnetic way I move in
the university of the waves.
-Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda was deeply in love with the sea. It is easily reflected in his poems, as well his lavish avant-garde homes that face the sea, are decked with wood and provide the ambiance of being on ship.

Who in the world does not love the sea(except those who get sea sick?)

But I want to delve further. What makes us love the sea?


Sense makes food!

The Varq Restaurant at Taj Mansingh Hotel, Delhi may be defined as my own personal epicurean epicenter, for I crave to visit it any and every chance I'd get. Of course, this is not the only place which brings that epic epiphany relating to the existence of the the mastery in culinary arts, but still, it just served as a good example to start off with this blog post.

We are all aware (I hope) of the nasal role played in our food tasting experience. So, talking about the five senses, we may cross off the olfactory and gustatory ones. 
The tactile one is also of prime importance as can be heard in the phrase "Maa ke haath ka khana" (the food prepared by the mother). The conclusion arrived at from a related cocktail discussion was that there is some sort of an energy that is transferred from your finger tips to your food when you eat with your hands (now, don't blame me for going against table manners).

But I wanted to go beyond the somewhat obvious inferences. 
How far can our visual and auditory senses affect our eating experience?


We're all addicts...

...and I'm not talking about smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex or porn. We're all addicts of a different substance.

Guess what I'm talking about?

100 points for correct guess below:

Read on to get what I mean, if you want that is. 😝
(Honestly, I did this drama to try out the google forms का quiz feature. Mea culpa )

Journalism Ethics. Defamations and Fake News.

2.5 minutes

That's all I ask for before you spend another 5 minutes glancing through the post. (Tried to make the post easier with headers this time 😁)

Interesting / contextual?
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